Day 1
Weekly Book Club

We start this week by looking at the "Excuses to let go of". Please read Excuse 1, 2, and 3.

Alignment & Posture
Our biggest struggles & How to overcome them

The past couple months reminded me that I was placing my happiness in things that were fleeting or things I could lose. How quickly we can lose our happiness, self-worth, confidence and movement. In this episode I talk about the major struggles I’ve faced as well as the majority of my clients. I give you simple tips and questions to help you love yourself, feel worthy and happy.


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Day 2
Post your recipe of the week with a photo!

Posting to social media and sharing my recipes was the only way that got me creative in the kitchen and actually enjoying it. As women, we like to cook when someone appreciates it. For me, as a single mom, it's fun when I can take a photo and share for other people to eat healthy and still enjoy. Please go post a photo of your food with the recipe to The Marble Method (on Facebook private group) and share your favorite recipe of the week. Totally ok if you didn't personally create it. 

Workout 1
Day 3

The Lies You Tell Yourself About Failure, Worth & Weight


Most of my life I was ruled by my story. I thought nobody would understand, no one struggles like I do, and they’ll think I’m crazy if I share. Wrong! My ability to be vulnerable was what created such a beautiful tribe. So many of us feel alone in our struggles. What’s really ironic, is that we are all very similar in our struggles. In today’s episode I share how I wrestled with my story but more importantly how I was able to break through the lies and the stories that had ruled my life for so long. This method helped me start to change and become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. Make sure you to grab your Belief Breakthrough sheet.

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Day 4

Daily Gratitude

I know I asked you to set this practice up last week but I cannot emphasize the importance of starting with gratitude each and every day! 

Starting our day with gratitude allows us to feel happier, have a more positive outlook throughout the day and helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Being positive and recognizing what you are thankful and grateful for will help move you towards the woman you want to be! 

ASSIGNMENT- Post a Photo of something you are grateful for!
Workout 2
Day 5
Access how you are feeling

The first week of cleaning out inflammatory foods can be challenging and cause several symptoms. Day 5 you should start to feel better (headaches subsided, chills, flu-like symptoms, cravings and crankiness should have run their course if you experienced any of them).

It's crazy to think that what we eat can be contributing to a large part of our cravings, moods and ailments. You should feel very proud of yourself for taking care of yourself and making your health a priority. We only have one life and one body and it's time you love yourself.

Rolling & Recovery

I neglected to roll for most of my life. I would stretch but anytime that I committed to working out where I was lifting or doing a lot of cardio (especially running) my lower back, hips and knees would hurt. The worst part was after sitting for a significant amount of time and trying to get up. 

That's when I committed to doing this simple rolling routine and it really helps to alleviate tension and tightness in your lower back, hips and knees. To be effective this should be performed 3 days a week even when you don't feel like you need it. This will help you to prevent those stiff and achy feelings in the future.

Day 6

Many of you have asked to lift and firm your booty. Here is one of my Booty Blast videos from my last online program!

Day 7
Woman Cutting Vegetables

Time to Meal Prep

Check out these recipes to add to your week.