MEET LAUREN- Head Training Manager

Words from Ash- I can’t say enough about this girl, Lauren Elizabeth Ward! She has helped me elevate my game! When you meet someone who challenges you to step up, you know you’ve got the right person by your side! She is fierce. She is resilient! She is confident. But more than that, she is a BOSS!!!! She commands the floor! She eats, sleeps and studies how to rise up and empower, motivate and push every single member! I am so honored to have her leading my team! Welcome to the tribe, girl! The sky is the limit! So thankful you took chance with us! Our members LOVE YOU!

Her passion?

My passion is inspiring + motivating others others to ignite their inner strength + confidence through fitness! To influence those who struggle with self image to develop a mindset to loving themselves: mind body and soul!

Why The Marble Method?

The Marble Method stands for everything I believe in: a tribe of badass people who are working together to fiercely love their bodies in all stages of life! I love the energy of the community and the opportunity to grow in an encouraging environment! This tribe is like no other!

Her Mission for Our Tribe Members?

My mission ties in directly with my passion, which is diving in with everyone who walks through those doors. I’m here to be your biggest hype woman and lead you through what I believe to be so much more than just workouts for physical gain...but an opportunity to develop a strong mind to live a strong + healthy life!

MEET LISA- Lead trainer

I’m am a Health & Wellness Advocate and Group Fitness Coach. Previously, I worked as a Regional Vice President for a financial services company, where I managed a territory of over 3,000 financial advisors. It was during this time that I fell in love with the fitness world and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.  


I bring a sense of community but also a sense of humor! Laughter is the best medicine and sometimes we all need a good laugh right after we have had that good cry. The power of a hug can change your whole attitude and I believe the power of a positive word can change the world! I am thankful for a place to land where our values will be the same.


I have a 13-year-old son named Ty, and an amazing husband named Nick and an adorable dog named Bandit. Those 3 are my "why"! I want my son to grow up to be a kind, giving, reliable man. He can learn this by the example we set. I enjoy boating, the beach, hanging with friends and vacations with my family.  


I have chosen The Marble Method because I have yet to see anything more personalized and comprehensive as Ashley has created. Here, we are able to give back to the community, care deeply for the members and their lives, change not just the physical but the mental mindset, and help women to be strong and ABLE. That's just the beginning and it is only some of the reasons I will love this community! 


5 Personal Trainer Tips:

  1. As soon as you wake up drink 8-12 oz of water BEFORE you do anything else!  

  2. If you are doing strength and cardio training you should do strength first and then cardio. You are more likely to burn out and not be at your strongest if you are tired from the cardio. 

  3. Remember that with food and nutrition it is about what you ABSORB not what you EAT. Nutrition is different for each of us and the types of food matter. 

  4. If you are sore from workouts take some extra magnesium supplements. They will help, but they also help soften your poop. BONUS!

  5. If you change one thing about your workout make it your POSTURE! Be aware, look up, and pretend that broomstick is in your elbows. Chest up, boobs out! 


Words from Ash- This lady, asked me over a year ago about training! It seems easy, fun and at times glamorous. I knew she was busy, but told her to train with us and see if after a few months she was still interested. She was. She kept asking. I watched her. She became a student of our method. She studied it! Learned it. Embraced it. When given her first opportunity, she absolutely crushed it!! You will never find someone more prepared and ready. She is Already incredible as a trainer and bold on the mic. As her confidence grows, she will absolutely spread her wings and fly! Watch out, she looks sweet but she is there to truly kick your butt— in the sweetest way possible. I am so incredibly blessed to have her apart our team and she encompasses everything we stand for! Thank you for your long term interest and commitment to us! The sky is the limit for you! Tribe, please welcome @loganmariejohnson

1. What is my passion?


My passion is to help others be more focused on the transformation they can have within rather than just the outward transformation. Working out is so much more than just getting the outward success and I want to help ladies (and men) become confident in WHO they are!  



2. Why the Marble Method?


The Marble Method is a tribe and community that is intentional about knowing the name and needs of every single person that walks in our doors. I am all about the individual and making everyone feel loved and known and The Marble Method is the perfect place for that! 



3. What is my mission with our members?


My mission with our members is to give them the tools to transform their thoughts in how they view themselves, how they conquer things in and out of the gym, and to become confident, loving, and strong individuals who love themselves! 


I’m so excited to join The Marble Method team! It is a great fit for me because of how passionate Ashley is about making women feel strong, physically and mentally. Loving yourself is one of her best philosophies. The community she has formed will only grow and become stronger. It’s a great way to get some laughs, get pumped, and feel good about yourself!! She’s here for YOU- just like we all are!


I’ve played sports my whole life so it’s in my blood to be on a team. Knowing and supporting your teammates and cheering them on in everything they do. Sometimes when you do things alone you never really know how far you’ve made it. Have the team to remind you how awesome and strong you are!! YOU deserve that! I’ve been so back and forth with my weight my whole life. I’ve always found that when you have people around you keeping you going, it doesn’t seem like a diet, a burden, or overwhelming. 


Stay active, relieve some stress, but most importantly have fun doing it! 


5 Things You Don't Know About Me

  1. My guilty pleasure snack is cool ranch Doritos and cottage cheese. 

  2. I play all sports for fun: tennis, flag football, basketball, golf, field hockey, volleyball, even pickleball. You name it and I’m down to play!

  3. I’m the youngest of my siblings and the only GIRL (3 brothers), Life’s been tough, but so am I!

  4. I have a pet hamster. Her name is Hammy (which was my high school nickname).



5 Personal Training Tips:

  1. Always go for form over weight. Perfect your form before you increase the difficulty to steadily train your body.

  2. Always go for one more rep.

  3. Don’t get comfortable. Once you have gotten a move or exercise down, challenge yourself. 

  4. Know your limits. We all tend to be competitive, don’t try to compare yourself to others and push too far. Know what you can do! At the same time, don’t CHEAT YOURSELF! Push as much as you know you can.

  5. Encourage others around you. Encouraging others puts a smile on their face and keeps them going. Putting that smile on their face makes you feel good too, plus they might cheer you on in return!

You Are Worth The Investment!