Sore in all the right places!

Great work! You may be sore in your core- abs, butt, hips, inner and outer thighs! If so, yay! Congrats on being one day closer to a stronger, healthier and happier you. 

The first few times are always the worst and recovery is extremely important. Even though we recovery in class, it is key that you continue to consistently take 5-7 minutes every day to improve your flexibility, roll out & eat to fuel your body. 


Did you know? Training doesn’t make us stronger. In fact, it initially makes us weaker. It’s a tough concept to swallow, but it’s actually through recovery that we gain strength as athletes. During that time, our bodies repair damage; if the training stress is large enough, we come back stronger. That is the fundamental principle of exercise science.




1. Click the video to learn how to reduce lower body soreness in muscles as well as helping to free up tight hips, lower back pain, and even knee pain.


2. Make sure you're hydrated. Getting a minimum of 80-100 oz of water a day is essential to help flush out lactic acid and inflammation but also to keep cravings at bay! It's a win win.


3. Get enough protein. I always drink my Arbonne (vegan protein shake) immediately following my workout. It helps to rebuild my muscles and reduce soreness. Making sure that you're eating 3-4 servings of protein throughout the day will help to replace that soreness with muscle, ultimately increasing your metabolism and reducing soreness. 


4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods. Eggs, berries, turmeric & curcumin, fish, leafy greens, tart cherry juice (leave out the sugar), nuts, sweet potatoes, and green tea are just a few. 


5. Active Recovery. Believe it or not, the best thing when we are sore is to do low-intensity movement rather than sitting still. Go for walk, do some yoga, or even go for a low-intensity bike ride. 


6. Epsom salt baths. Grab a hot detox tea, light a candle and let your body relax.


7. Massage. This is essential for your body at least every 4-6 weeks if not more frequent. I highly recommend, Sloan Showalter 




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