• Ashley Marble

Our Biggest Struggles & How to Overcome

The past couple months reminded me that I was placing my happiness in things that were fleeting or things I could lose. How quickly we can lose our happiness, self-worth, confidence and movement. In this episode I talk about the major struggles I’ve faced as well as the majority of my clients. I give you simple tips and questions to help you love yourself, feel worthy and happy.

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So how do you start developing core worth? 

1. How do you talk to yourself? (Let’s get real. Being aware of how you talk to yourself is the first step in removing ourselves from those thoughts and feelings.)

2. What triggers you to speak to yourself this way? (Knowing situations, decisions, food, inaction, etc helps you to start decipher where you fall into this pattern the most. It’s important to note what is happening.)

“Don’t believe everything you think. Thoughts are just that — thoughts.”

3. What evidence do you have to validate that thought? (Often there is no evidence. We’ve just come to believe it about ourselves. Becoming aware of our thoughts and what triggers them will help us start to change the story.)

“These are thoughts, not facts.”

4. What’s the story you tell yourself about your ability or worth? (It’s quite shocking when you sit down and start to honestly write out your ‘story’ that you tell yourself. Often it’s, “I’m not capable. I’m not good enough to ever accomplish this”.)

5. Where did you get this story from? Whose voice is this? How old do you feel? (Many Times we’ve interpreted someone else's view of us and internalized it. Sometimes there’s an event when we were young that caused us to create a story. Or sometimes we simply have automatic negative thoughts like “you’re fat” and “you’re a failure” that we’ve thought so often and consistently that we actually start to believe they’re true.)

6. What’s a positive affirmation you can replace when you start to think negatively? (These thoughts are learned, which means they can be unlearned. You can start with affirmations. What do you wish you believed about yourself? Repeat these phrases to yourself every day.) 

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