If we only do what we’re familiar with,

My name is Ashley-Lynn (Ash to my friends and family) and I am on a passionate mission to empower women and men, just like YOU.


I am an expert on helping you find the balance between food, exercise, and mindset. I will sit down and listen to your needs and help to create a fitness, nutrition and mindset program that works for your lifestyle, your goals and your time. With my coaching, accountability and support my clients regain their fitness, reclaim their confidence and improve their self-worth and self-love. My programs are simple, effective and fun for I truly believe that anything that lasts needs to be rewarding, maintainable and enjoyable.


Here, I try to inspire you to live the biggest, best and fullest life possible. I love to share my knowledge, experience and wisdom to help you (yes, you) create the life of your dreams, because why the heck not!

I have to be completely honest with you, I haven’t always been on this journey. I actually entertained quite a destructive and depressing path for many years. I felt so alone and after college had strayed so far from anything I thought I would become. Those years looked a lot like this: running around a million miles per hour, while struggling to get out of bed in the am, mad because I had to face another day of a less than exciting life.

I was constantly going after dreams and goals that other people thought I would be good at but wasn’t truly anything I wanted to do. I didn’t love myself. I was highly stressed and dealing with panic attacks, living off caffeine and carbs.


Oh, on top of that I was dealing with a serious case of insomnia. Along with adrenal fatigue, poor digestive system, chronic dehydration, I had loads of mineral and nutrient deficiencies. I was constantly getting sick because my body was screaming at me to STOP! It was sending me loud, bright red, clear warning signs to slow down because it had had enough. At that time I couldn’t understand why I hit rock bottom but looking back it is very clear to see why I hit rock bottom mentally, physically and emotionally.


Throughout my path to wellness, I realized how out of balance my life was in all areas.

I was constantly looking and searching outside of myself for happiness rather than internally.


I realized that there is no such thing as a quick fix or instant gratification. It truly is a journey, not a destination. I was on a constant roller coaster ride of sugar and mood highs and lows. The craziest part of it all was that to everyone else I looked put together and happy but that was just a wonderful façade I had put on. This made me realize:


If I was feeling like this, there are many other people out there must be feeling this same way.


My goal is to empower you in all areas and aspects of your life. This will help you forever love yourself (FLY) and finally feel confident at the babe staring back at you in the mirror. How you think, feed and treat your body, is a direct reflection of how you're truly feeling about yourself.

So my question to you is—do you love yourself??

I sure as heck didn’t. I actually hated many aspects of myself. There were times when I couldn’t even stand to look at the reflection I saw staring back at me.

"I learned to fall in love with myself, change my subconscious core beliefs about my self-worth. I began to feed my mind, my body, and my spirit the best and most nourishing things that life had to offer. I went from feeling so ashamed and embarrassed of the girl I was, to loving and being proud of the woman I have grown in to. I am passionate about helping you! Yes, you! You are worthy of it and deserve it!"


I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine from the University of Southern Maine. I have been trained in over one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. I am a qualified holistic health coach with certification and training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am also a Precision Nutrition Coach, Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Specialist, and Kettlebell Certified. I have worked at Duke University and ADIDAS. With my personal experience, knowledge, research, and growth, I will help you create a personalized transformation that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals!



  1. My WHY is my babies, Brooklyn and Bo.

  2. I attended college on a full scholarship for volleyball.

  3. I love to hunt, fish, kayak, and enjoy anything outside (except bugs lol).

  4. I played 4 years of college basketball.

  5. I placed in the Top 8 at Miss USA. 

  6. Music is a must.

  7. Nature grounds me.

  8. I'm naturally an introvert.

  9. I'm literally living out my biggest dream.

  10. I've come to know God personally through the most difficult times and circumstances.