Hi Friends, I'm Ashley, Owner of The Marble Method. Do you see that photo on your left? Yes? Well, do you see me smiling, happy and healthy? GOOD! Because, I AM! 

Here is my story with Arbonne! 

For years, I struggled with back arm acne, stress fractures, extreme fatigue (they thought I had narcolepsy), constant gas, bloating, belly pain, INSOMNIA, and I could NEVER LOSE WEIGHT no matter what I did! My hands and face were always puffy in the morning. I had headaches and migraines. Life was terrible! 

But, here is the most shocking thing!!! I WAS EATING CLEAN OR SO I THOUGHT! 

Then, I found out I had celiac. Great! It was the cure. I could switch up my eating and feel better! 

WRONG! I still felt like crap! 

I was drinking gluten free protein shakes, eating gluten free protein bars, eating all the "good" things and not much changed... UNTIL, my OBGYN suggested that if I was going to get pregnant the ONLY supplements I should use was Arbonne.

This was before GLUTEN FREE was a THING! (By the way). 

Arbonne's products were gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan and free from additives and artificial ingredients.

I started the 30 days to healthy living and it was within 2 weeks that I started feeling amazing. I was sleeping better, the bloat was subsiding. 

I religiously used their products (I never go without protein, fiber and fizz) for 2 years and I even switched all my makeup and skin care products to theirs after really paying attention to our skin is our largest organ. IT WAS 2 YEARS of consistent use, feeling amazing, recommending to everyone I knew that I decided to be a consultant.

I am NOT here to try and convince you to buy anything. We are already buying these things with no success and feeling like crap! 

I wanted everyone to know how amazing these products were simply because of MY OWN PERSONAL JOURNEY! 

Then, the hundreds of women I have worked with over the last 5 years, HAS BEEN NOTHING SHORT OF AMAZING! 

When you follow this program, YOU WILL GET RESULTS! Remember, those results aren't always noticed on the scale at first. Pay attention to how you feel. 

If you've been eating like crap for a significant period of time, the first 5 days can feel like hell. But remember, that is your body processing out ALL THE CRAP!!! This is a good thing! 

I am so honored and blessed that I get to help you walk through this program! 



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